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Welcome to Insert Coin - Materials & Costs - last update 11 June 2005

Below is the detailed cost breakdown of everything I've used on the project.

The Actual costs are exactly that, what I've spent so far.  The projected costs are what I think I still have to buy.  Wherever possible I've noted down the supplier along with Part-Nos.  Some items are missing and some don't have Part Nos as yet because I can can't put my hands on the paperwork accompanying them, but I'll get that sorted soon (honest!).

Wherever possible, I have put links to the various suppliers.  Many of the items have been purchased from the high-street retail outlet rather than the website for a number of reasons (cost, ease of access, no online shop), so the links are there simply as a point of reference to help you find your local store.

I've also added a 'Other Items you will need' at the bottom of this page which covers some other things that it is expected you already own.

Actual Costs

Description Cost Supplier Part No
Electrocoin Goliath MK3 Cabinet & Sunset Riders PCB 150+60 delivery Ebay  
Humbrol Paints 8.96 B&Q  
Contact Adhesive (34g) 1.34 B&Q Unibond
Wire Wool 99p Boyes  
Paint Stripper 2.45 Boyes  
Car Body Filler 2.45 Boyes  
Coin Door 65.92 Happ Controls 40-0008-00
10p Coin Mech x 2 28.70 Happ Controls 49-0474-00
Denomination Insert 10p x 2 1.20 Happ Controls 42-0432-00
Black Pica Vinyl, 3ft x 40inchs 9.94 Happ Controls 42-3116-00
56-way Edge Connector (JAMMA) 1.95 Happ Controls 49-0011-00
1 x Delivery 9.34 Happ Controls  
Cable (12/0.2 & 24/0.2) Already had Maplin/Reclaimed  
Neoprene Braiding 8.82 CPC  
Heatshrink (various sizes) Already had/? CPC/Maplin  
Monitor Cleaning FOC Richard Metcalf  
Wood Filler Already had Wickes  
Hammerite Spray (Black, hammered) 3.99 Skirlington Market  
Fluorescent Lamp (12W Linkable Slimline T4) 8.12 CPC LA0226266
Speakers (cheap crap - didn't use) 5 Advanced Computers  
Speakers (decent) 14.99 Argos Creative SBS250
18W Soldering Iron & Solder station 19.99 Maplin FY68
Small Wood Screws (black) 3.5mm 99p Maplin N38AL
Heatshrink F-35, 1mtr (I ran out) 99p Maplin BF88
100pk Cable Ties (black) 1.99 Maplin RY08
100pk Screw type cable mounts 1.99 Maplin SJ18
Solder 1.49 Maplin N50AW
Switch, push-to-make, Locking switch (black) 1.29 Maplin YW41
Switch, push-to-make, non-locking switch (black) x 2 2.98 Maplin FF96
Desolder Tool 6.99 Maplin FR26
Wire mesh for speaker grills Reclaimed Reclaimed  
Cable crimps Had Some/4.50 Screwfix D90867
Crimp tool 24.99 Screwfix 18475
Contact Adhesive (250g) - Solvent free (crap) 5.74 B&Q Unibond
Holesaw set 9.99 Barnitts  
ArcadeVGA 65.88 Ultimarc  
JPac 42.19 Ultimarc PS/2 Model
PCB Mounting Feet 2.22 Ultimarc  
1 x Delivery 7.40 Ultimarc  
Transcend Socket 370 Motherboard FOC Jules @ Sumo TS-ASP3
Black Protective Rubber FOC My dad  
Contact Adhesive (250ml) - with Solvent (good!) 4.28 B&Q Unibond Impact
Via C3 1Ghz Processor 30.21 Dabs C3 Ezra-T FCGA
CPU Heatsink & Cooler 6.42 Dabs Startech FAN370PRO
(quite noisy - avoid!)
802.11g PCI Network Adapter 19.99 Dabs Dabsvalue EW-7122/8G
Thermal Compound 2.35 Dabs Akasa AK-450-2G
256MB PC133 DIMM, CL3 33.64 Dabs Kingston KVR133X64C3/256
PS2 Keyboard 3.18 Dabs  
PS2 Mouse FOC Already had  
350Watt ATX PSU 11.16 Dabs Dabsvalue 350Watt Silver Silent
Delivery Charge 9.39 Dabs  
Hardboard FOC Reclaimed 6mm
Machine Screws and Bolts (16-pack) 1.30 B&Q 4mm (M4) x 16mm
Zinc flat washers (70-pack) 1.30 B&Q 4mm (M4)
Black Cable Ties (Ty-wraps) (2 x 100-pack) 2.50 Screwfix 17796
Self Adhesive Cable Tie base (100-pack) 2.99 Screwfix 73716
Earth Cable FOC Already had  
Pan head machine screw and nuts (8 pack) 1.30 B&Q 6mm (M6) x 12mm
Pan head machine screw & nuts (8 pack) 1.30 B&Q 6mm (M6) x 16mm
Locking nuts (4 pack) 1.30! B&Q 6mm (M6)
Current Total 718.38   (of which tools =  54.97)


Projected Costs

Description Cost Supplier Part No
Software ? ? ?


Other Items you will need

This section describes other items you will probably need to complete such a project.  It's not exhaustive.

Description Possible Cost Possible Make/Model
A general set of tools, including screwdrivers, hammer, mallet, hack saw, wire cutters/strippers, etc ? Anything, but something decent with Stanley Budget as a minimum quality
Cordless drill ~60 I love my Bosch drill!
Multimeter (digital or analogue will do) <20 Fluke if you have lots of money
Digital Camera (used for documentation progress) ~200 I love my Canon Powershot A70
Time and lots of it ?