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The website author cannot be held responsible for anything (global warming or global dimming included). If your stupid enough to go and stick a screwdriver into a socket, or touch a nasty part of the gaming monitor then it's your own fault. This webpage tracks what I did - if I continue to update it then I've obviously not killed myself, but your mileage may vary.

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Welcome to Insert Coin - Documentation & Resources - last update 17 April 2005

This page provides in-depth technical documentation relating to my project.  This is very much work in progress so the list of docos available will grow as the project progresses..

Wiring Looms - This document describes the wiring looms used in the project, part numbers and pricing. I have perhaps gone a little over the top with the modularing process and it's cost me dearly as most connectors are expensive, beware.  At some point there will be an accompanying diagram which will hopefully allow you to visualise what I have done..

Service Manual for Wells & Gardner K7000 Series Arcade Monitor (Adobe PDF, 2.36MB) - I found this somewhere, but I can't remember where, but it was quite hard to track down, so I've made it available here.  Remember this stuff can be really dangerous, so make sure you know what you're doing before you start poking around.  You have been warned!