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Quick Update - PC shelf - Saturday 26 March 2005 17:45 Permalink

I've just made a start on the layout of the wooden shelf that will house the PC components. I've figured to fit nicely inside the cabinet and mounting it using the existing Electrocoin PCB mounts, I can't go any bigger than 350mm X 500mm.

This doesn't actually give me much space at all. Originally, I planned to have the PC mobo, PSU, Floppy drive, CD/DVD drive and/or Hard Disk all installed(originally planned to run the OS from DVD, but I've given up on that idea). The problem - I don't have enough room for all this kit.

I've done a very basic plan and I can only fit the ATX mobo (it's full size rather than MATX!), ATX PSU and Hard disk. No room for any sort of optical drive or floppy (which is lucky really because I didn't buy any!)

I've managed to use the PCB mounts I bought from Ultimac for the mobo and found some old 3.5" to 5.25" hard drive mounting kits which should allow me to surface mount the hard disk to a piece of wood. The PSU is a bit more of a problem: ATX power supplies don't surface mount very well. I need to figure out a good way to do this, perhaps using some threaded rods and a retaining bar. I need to have a rummage around in the garage to see if I've got anything that will do, otherwise, it's time to buy some more.

Talking of buying stuff. Our kid and my Dad have just introduced me to a new supplier that's a lot like Screwfix. They are called Toolstation. The firm has been started by the same guy that created Screwfix before he sold out to B&Q. They are cheaper than screwfix and will even do free delivery on low cost orders (for a little while anyway).. Try them out, they seem pretty good.