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PC Shelf - Saturday 9 April 2005 18:11 Permalink

After some weeks of little progress (I've either been at work or just busy doing personal stuff), I've finally assembled the PC shelf.

The shelf itself is a piece of hardboard (reclaimed obviously), measuring 340mm x 410mm x 6mm. Onto it I've mounted the PC motherboard using PCB mounts purchased from Ultimarc.

The ATX PSU I purchased from dabs.com is retained in place using two aluminium brackets covered in heat shrink tubing that our kid knocked up for me.

The hard disk is mounted using a retro-fitted 3.5" to 5.25" disk mounting kit that has been attached to the bottom of the disk rather than the side. All these are then fixed using 4mm (M6) x 16mm machine screws and bolted to the hardboard.

A few ty-wraps later and hey-presto, a finished PC Shelf. Here are a couple of pix. Pic 1, and Pic 2.

Apart of the hugely expensive machine screws, nuts and washers purchased from B&Q (?2.60 for 16 machine screws, nuts and washers!), I had everything else, so a relatively low cost assembly.

I may have to make some sort of retainer to prevent the ArcadeVGA and NIC to popping out of the motherboard, but I'll cross that bridge a little later - I'm sure I'll come up with some ingenious idea.