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PC Build - Sunday 17 April 2005 19:56 Permalink

It's been an interesting few days. I'm in the process of installing and configuring Windows XP on the PC that will live inside my Goliath cabinet, except it hasn't been plain sailing to say the least.

I've been experiencing lots of hanging problems and after much messing around, I think I've tracked it down to the Kingston memory I bought.

The memory is sold as PC133 memory, ie it can run at 133Mhz. However, the memory seems to have other ideas. If I run the FSB at 133Mhz, the PC just locks up randomly. Dropping it to 100Mhz seems to work around the problems.

I need to do further tests to determine if indeed the memory is faulty, if so, I think I'll be contacting dabs.com for replacement memory.....