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DANGER - VIDEO GAMES DESTROY! - Monday 2 May 2005 16:39 Permalink

Not the most productive of weekends and perhaps a little over the top with the headline, however, the main reason for having a unproductive weekend is I started doing some games testing to see how everything held up.

You know how it is: You find a few games you like, such as Puzzle Bobble (must remember to blink) and Outrun (not the easiest game to play with a joystick) and the next thing you know it's dark outside. A lot like being in the real arcade perhaps?

Anyway. My PC hanging problem is still intermittently with me, but I still can't track it down the exact cause. I've added another lump of memory to the machine (a 128mb piece I had lying around) and together with the new 256MB piece things seem happy - I just don't get it. Perhaps it was lonely!

I now need to spend some time getting the various metal-work parts cleaned up and resprayed. The most pressing part is the hinge which attaches the player control panel to the PCB shelf. Once this is done I can say the main working parts are in order and it'll make servicing less cumbersome when it's permanently reattached to the cabinet.

Still to respray are the cash box door and marquee retainers. I'll try and do those at the same time as the control panel/pcb hinge.