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Intro Movie - Monday 2 May 2005 17:26 Permalink

Every game these days has an intro movie. I figured my machine also needs a little intro to get you in the mood. Googling for something I came across CinemArcade. What a cool website. Dave Dries has produced lots of movies, posters, desktops, icons etc, all in a retro arcade style.

My favourite piece is Arcade'84 - A beautiful piece of work which counjers up ambience of the Video Arcade, but, I'm sorry to say a little impractical as a intro at 3mins 10secs. Luckily, Dave has also produced 'MAME Arcade', a short (<30 seconds), fast-paced intro movie based on 'Arcade84'.

I watched it a few times and it provokes the sight, sounds and the sensation of a typical 1980's amusement arcade (I'm sure I could even smell it). What memories: The excitement and euphoria as you enter another world, a fantasy world. The darkened room, glaring screens, bleeps and squeaks, neon lights, the sound of cascading coins, thumping music. Your clammy hands clutching a few heavy coins, as you prepare yourself for your mission. Your mission? The high score, always held by 'KEV' or 'GAZ'. And when the money has gone, the weird sensation that comes over you as you step outside, sometimes hours later, into the damp evening air. As you walk away into the silence of reality, the arcade ambience still buzzing in your head. I think I've died and gone to heaven.....

A little over the top? Maybe. But watch it for yourself, in a darkened room, with the volume high and tell me you don't get the same feelings....