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The website author cannot be held responsible for anything (global warming or global dimming included). If your stupid enough to go and stick a screwdriver into a socket, or touch a nasty part of the gaming monitor then it's your own fault. This webpage tracks what I did - if I continue to update it then I've obviously not killed myself, but your mileage may vary.

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Web site changes - Saturday 4 June 2005 15:33 Permalink

As you may have noticed, this blog has now migrated to insertcoin.org.uk and is running on a new host (Windows Server 2003 no less). Along with various reliability issues I've had of late (problems with DSL, migration to a virtual host, wireless network problems, router upgrade, migration back to a physical host, etc) things look like they're settling down nicely. If you're still using the RSS feed from donley.org.uk, please point your subscription to the new RSS feed location - whilst I think the old one still works, I might end up breaking it.

Also, a new logo which definately denotes a separation from donley.org.uk.