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Cabinet reassembly - Monday 13 June 2005 20:41 Permalink

A good few days methinks. I can now safely say that my Electrocoin Goliath cabinet is 99% reassembled. A quick summary.

PC power connection

As mentioned a little while back, I connected up the wiring from the external power panel to the PC motherboard. It's interesting, I spent ages hunting around to those little jumper type connectors to attach to the new wiring loom, but could I find them? Could I hell! In the end I had to chop some old connectors off an old PC Case and solder them on. The finished article isn't the tidiest in the world, but it works.

Metalwork refurbishment

This is something I started last August and has been sat around since as it has been fairly non-essential. Over the last week I've prepared, cleaned and resprayed the cash box door, control panel/PCB shelf hinge and retainer and the marquee retainers.

I did the hinge, and retainers first as they're not very prominent and it gave me a chance to perfect my spraying technique. As mentioned before, I've used black, spray, hammered finish Hammerite. It's not a patch on the power-coated finish of the coin door, but it doesn't look too bad at all.

One word of advice here. Take your time. The first couple of items, I tried to rush and didn't really give enough time between coats, however, by the time I'd got to the cash box door, I'd realised that giving 30mins-1hr between coats does make a difference to the finish.

With the respraying complete, it was time to reassemble everything. First was the cash box door (remember to Earth it!). When I came to reinstalling the hinge and marquee retainers, I realised I needed some more nuts and bolts, so a quick (if not rather expensive - ?1.30 for 4 locking nuts - daylight robbery!) visit to B&Q and I was in business. Ideally I would have liked to use black bolts, but I didn't have much choice, so the polished, pan headed nuts had to do.

Now everything is assembled, it makes opening up the cabinet a bit more straightforward as it means you don't have to dismantle everything to perform the simplest of jobs.