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Software Tweaking - Monday 13 June 2005 20:52 Permalink

I've done a bit of tweaking with Mamewah. The main area of work has been sorting out the screen resolution for each game. I've done some playing with the 'MAME Resolution Tool' from the authors of Mamewah and most of the games are now playable.

I also really need to spend some time sorting out the mame roms. When I set up the PC, I simply did a dump of the ROMS archive (it's useful as a backup as well). Unfortunately, this contains a few hundred games for which the emulation doesn't run yet - so I need to clear these out. I also need to find my screen shot archive for the mamewah navigation screen.

This is all fairly straight forward stuff, but it'll take me a few hours to get it sorted.. Perhaps a job for next weekend!

Obviously, whilst I have a significant archive of Mame ROMS, I only intend to play those I actually own ;-) The rest are there purely for educational purposes!