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PC gets named - Wednesday 22 June 2005 19:49 Permalink

I haven't completed the PCs configuration yet. Last weekend was very very hot so the idea of spending it in my garage wasn't very appealing.

So, what's the PC called you might ask? Well every computer I've ever owned have a spacey themed name (except for a time when I name my PCs are various curry dishes, but that's another story...).

My current 'interest' is Star Trek. In my old job I named a couple of servers Archer (A Domain Controller. Archer; the Captain, get it?) & Hoshi (A Mail server. Hoshi, the Communications Officer, get it? Doesn't matter). My current PC is called Voyager. So it seemed appropriate to call my arcade machine 'Seven'. Why Seven? Because it's a thing of beauty, it's very clever, but sometimes quite stubborn!